My UI (Updated)

Posted: November 29, 2010 in World of Warcraft

Note: I’ve stopped playing, so I’m not planning to update this anytime soon. If anyone wants to take over, feel free to re-name it whatever you want and call it your own. Leave a link in the comments in the case that anyone else seeks an updated version though if you don’t mind. Cheers!

Oh, P.S. Combat Screenshots appreciated. Will give credit.

So I finally got around to updating my UI, here’s the 4.0 version!

Download Link (Uploaded 11/29/10)


Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2 (more soon!)

I’ve focused the design around using minimal screen space and low amounts of Memory. All Addons are set to announce on “Self” meaning you’re the only one that can see announcements. If you don’t like spammy addons I’d suggest disabling EnsidiaFails and WeakestLink.

Please do this: Back up your own Fonts, Interface and WTF Folders somewhere safe.
Delete your current Fonts, Interface and WTF Folders inside your World of Warcraft Folder AFTER you’ve backed them up somewhere.
Unzip my UI to your World of Warcraft Folder.
Go int the WTF Folder and re-name the Folders “ACCOUNT_NAME” into your account’s name, “REALM_NAME” to the name of the Realm you play on, and “CHARACTER_NAME” to your Character’s name.

You’ll want to always look for a Profile called “DK”. There should be one for every Addon.

Most Addons should be under Game Menu (Escape) > Interface > Addons. If they’re not, you’ll have to do /(AddonNameNoSpace)(and in some cases add config or options after that)
You may (meaning not necessarily) have to move your UI Scale to “Minimum” by going to Game Menu (Escape) > Video.

Things to Note:
If you want to see Addon Warning etc, you’ll have to be in the Raid Chat Tab, Everything included General Chat which isn’t enabled in the Raid Chat Tab due to common Spam in General in Icecrown Citadel on my Realm. The Guild Chat Tab has only Guild Chat and Whispers enabled, no Channels, nice if you want to get away from the Spam of Trade and General. Some of these Addons are in Alpha/Beta Releases but they work fine. I’m using WowAce Subscriptions to keep them updated. If you want to contact me with Questions and/or Comments you can contact me in-game or leave a comment here.

A List of the Addons I use:
Bagnon(With Guild Bank) – Bartender 4 – BigWigs – ButtonFacade – CooldownCount – Cromulent – DKIRunes – EnsidiaFails – ErrorMonster – ForteXorcist – FuBar+DurabilityFu – Grid – Mapster – MikScrollingBattleText – Omen – Ora3 – Pitbull4 -PowerAuras – Postal – Prat – Quartz – RaidBuffStatus – RaidFrameBeGone – RatingBuster – SatrinaBuffFrames – SexyMap – SimpleTankFrames – Skinner – TipTac – WeakestLink – XLoot.

  1. fidodido says:

    what’s the resolution you use to play?
    i really like your ui and i want to give it a try.

  2. Insolence says:

    1680×1050 (Wide) I use the Windowed (Fullscreen) Display Mode. 20″ Monitor, slightly old.

    Should work with any Resolution however, would just need some adjustment.

    Cheers 🙂

  3. Ceraius says:

    Hi. Nice work on the UI. Seems a very effective setup.
    One thing i’d like to see though, is sceenshots from midfight.

  4. Insolence says:

    Sorry, I deleted my WoW Folder after I quit a while ago, including Screenshots, so can’t help you, unless another user cares to upload any?

    If you want to test setup without switching from your current UI, The 4.1 PTRs are up I believe, and soon the 4.2 PTRs will be. If you use them.

  5. joey fox says:

    Just started up a death knight for the first time. Ive always been the healer in raids/dungeons so im going to take a break from that and actually hold aggro, unlike other tanks on my realm! Google brought me straight to your post on DK setup and i couldnt have been happier with the information given to me. With further research I soon discovered you were spot on with information, and not much, if any, conflict with other guides. This interface is amzazing as well. Very happy to find someone as dedicated as sharing his own ui with the community at large. Thanks again Insolence!

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