Played a DK since WotLK Beta, Tanked since as long. Not an active PvPer although looking forward to Rated BGs. Played WoW since Classic Beta and my first game was Doom (Classic).

I’m a huge fan of Quake, specifically Quake III Arena and QuakeLive both of which I play actively.

Got my eyes on RIFT, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars II.

Oh, right. I’m one of the biggest slackers you’ll ever meet, unless you can get me interested in something.

  1. Giordano says:

    Hello congratulations for the site.
    I wanted to ask if you still play the DK tank as on armory that has not played since the beginning of January?
    If you do not use it the more I would say why and if you have rolled another class?

    Thanks hello

  2. Insolence says:

    Been playing WoW since the Vanilla Beta, after Cataclysm couldn’t get started on Raiding, so kinda got bored of doing nothing but Daily Quests and Heroics, figured just for 2 hours of game play per day the monthly subscription cost is too high. Plus I’m broke so yeah 😀

    CBA with re-rolling. Played most of the Classes during TBC, hate Leveling so going 1-85 all over is something I’d rather avoid.

    Keep meaning to post on something here but lack of anything interesting happening… Hm.

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